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Xiomara wins 41st Staatsolie 18 km Swim Marathon in Suriname


Xiomara won the female competition of the 41st Staatsolie Swim Marathon in Suriname on July 1st, 2015. It is the second time that she won this 18 kilometer swim event. In 2012 she won the 38th edition of this same marathon. In 2015 her finishing time was 2h.32m.27s. Yael Touw Ngie Tjouw (also in the picture) won the men’s competition.

Picture above taken from SME Sport. See also http://www.smesport.com/binnenland/zwemmen/item/10370-yael-touw-ngie-tjouw-xiomara-getrouw-winnen-grote-18-km-zwemmarathon.

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